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Public Research Group provides a full range of analytical research methods that stand out for every market segment. Every research assignment starts with the desire to learn. In addition to an appropriate sample, a critical element in the research process is writing the question set. Each of our research projects we undertake addresses the following questions.

Public Research Group ensures that these questions are taken care of with our continued commitment to research advancement and the often overlooked art of survey design and question development. This requires a strong attention to detail and the ability to listen to the client to develop the question set with the highest quality and relevancy of each survey question prior to implementation.

Our dedication to an effective question set eliminates many of the pitfalls that can weaken survey data, such as unclear or redundant questions, or lengthy surveys that may have a negative impact on the response rate. This is just one example of how the Public Research Group pledges to clients a process that delivers more value for the money and quality research data that does not leave the client asking more questions at the end than at the beginning.


Public Research Group understands that many times research leads into consulting services. The ability to think strategically and gain a deeper more specialized view of a complex issue becomes an important component to our services. Our network of alliance firms allows us to partner with a trusted advisor and complete much more than research if requested.

This practice helps private companies and government agencies to achieve market leadership positions for their core products and services. We have developed a unique partnership approach to bringing in expertise to guide clients in identifying, exploring and implementing potential market position strategies. Our teams have established a strong record of supporting clients from the initial stages of identifying potential markets to developing target business intelligence for confident decision making.

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